Franklin Hall Books

Fasting: Atomic Power with God

This is the original 1946 book that launched the fasting and prayer revival of the late 1940's. This revival led to the great healing evangelism campaigns of the late 1940's through the early 1960's. I used to have a copy of this book, but made the mistake of loaning it out. I never saw it again. The text here was found on the site "". Unfortunately, the illustrations were lost from this copy. I am still looking for a new copy the original text to restore the original illustrations.

Glorified Fasting

This is a 1973 updated version of a previous book exclusively on fasting. It does not have the power of his early books, but still has much useful information on fasting.


A perspective on the ministry of Franklin Hall:

Franklin Hall burst upon the Christian scene just after World War II with a powerful call to fasting and prayer for revival. His ministry had unbelievable impact on the lives of the healing evangelists that followed him. T.L. Osborn, Oral Roberts, O.L. Jaggers, A.A. Allen, Tommy Hicks and W.V. Grant were just a few directly affected by reading Hall's books.

However, Hall's own life was very controversial and he later held to many beliefs that orthodox Christians (including myself) consider heretical. He had a great interest in astrology and sometimes referred to it to make spiritual points. Later in his life and ministry, he decided that when a Christian was filled with the Holy Spirit, they underwent a physical transformation that even could lead to immortality. I myself wrote to him in the late 1970's when he was still alive and received back from his ministry a series of tracts which contained material that was unusual, to say the least. In these tracts he focussed on the fact that when a Christian was filled with the Holy Spirit, their body chemistry changed so much that their body odor changed. To bolster his teaching, he recounted a series of stories of people who after receiving the Holy Spirit did not need to wash their socks or clothing. He even pointed to one example where a man, after receiving the Holy Spirit, went home and was attacked by the family dog who did not recognize his scent! I found these teachings strange, to say the least. However, a point I would make is that those who venture deeply into spiritual warfare attract profound demonic counter-attack and sometimes they fall. Rather than waste our time criticizing those that fall, let us learn from their mistakes as well as their victories and perhaps we can help the next generation of spiritual warriors to stand and not fall.